About me

Victor Ciura is a Principal Engineer on the Microsoft365 Substrate team, building the Rust foundational libraries needed as part of the broader 🦀Oxidizer effort across the organization.

Spent the last 20+ years doing systems programming in C++ on various teams, such as: Visual C++(DevDiv), Advanced Installer, Clang Power Tools.

He’s a regular guest at Computer Science Department of his Alma Mater, University of Craiova, where he gives student lectures & workshops on algorithms and optimization techniques, using modern C++, Rust, Haskell.

More details: https://ciura.ro & linkedin.com/in/victor-ciura
🐦 Twitter/X: @ciura_victor
🐘 Mastodon: hachyderm.io/@ciura_victor
🦋 Bluesky: @ciuravictor.bsky.social