Microsoft 365 - Oxidizer

I joined the M365 Core Substrate 🦀 Rust team, to help build the foundational libraries and reusable components needed as part of the broader 🔥Oxidizer effort across Microsoft. I’m one of the designers & core maintainers of the Oxidizer SDK (Rust libraries).

Oxidizer SDK is a platform for Rust service development which bridges the gaps in the crate ecosystem, to deliver a turn-key solution to enable the efficient creation of high-scale high-availability and high-performance services in Rust.

Visual C++ (DevDiv)

After 20 years of using VisualStudio, I joined the Visual C++ team at Microsoft, to help improve the tools I love & use every day.

I lead engineering efforts across multiple teams working on making Visual Studio the best IDE for C++ Game developers (Unreal Engine).

I was part of the Visual Studio & VSCode IDE Experience team, working on C++ LSP, IntelliSense, EDG compiler extensions, C++ source code indexing, navigation and linters.

Clang Power Tools

One of my “hobbies” is tidying-up and modernizing (C++17) the aging codebase of Advanced Installer and I’ve been known to build tools that help this process: Clang Power Tools

In 2017, I started this project with a few friends at Caphyon and we’re having a blast with it.

Clang Power Tools is a free Visual Studio extension helping Visual Studio C++ developers leverage Clang/LLVM tools (clang++, clang-tidy and clang-format), in order to perform various code transformations and fixes like modernizing code to C++11/14/17 and finding subtle latent bugs with its static analyzer and CppCoreGuidelines checks.

This project is open source and has enjoyed fantastic adoption and interest within the Visual C++ community.

Advanced Installer

Advanced Installer is a powerful, yet easy to use, Windows Installer authoring tool which helps you create MSI installs, App-V and UWP MSIX packages. Advanced Installer is an IDE targeting exclusively Windows developers that need to build deployment packages for their products. Aside from serving as a developer IDE, closing the ALM loop, Advanced Installer is also a comprehensive sys-admin tool helping thousands of IT workers in their repackaging and infrastructure deployment needs.

At CAPHYON, I worked on Advanced Installer almost since its inception, developing various components, core-technologies and C++ libraries, for over 16 years.