C++ User Groups

Prague C++ User Group

In the Spring of 2023, we rebooted the local C++ User Group in Prague, Czech Republic (EU). I’m one of the co-organizers; if you’re interested in attending or speaking at one of our meetups, get in touch.
Join Prague C++ User Group on Meetup.

Craiova C++ User Group

In November 2017, I started a local C++ User Group in my hometown of Craiova, Romania (EU).
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Contact: Meeting C++ contact form

Romania C++ User Group

I also founded Romania C++ User Group - the national umbrella user group for all Romanian C++ user groups. It serves as a central hub for information sharing and representation.

Learn more about regional C++ User Groups, on the dedicated ISO C++ Organization page.

Advent of Code Meetup

Since 2018, I’m the organizer of the local group of programmers solving the Advent of Code challenges.
Advent of Code is an annual programming challenge created by Eric Wastl consisting of a set of 25 Christmas themed puzzles, one each day, starting from December 1st, each year. The puzzles make up a story arc and build on each other, challenging programmers to solve them using the programming languages/tools of their choice. Some of them are casual/quick to solve, some are really tough algorithmic problems, but the experience of solving all of them makes each month of December pass by quickly and we have a lot of fun 🤓.

Every January, after the holidays, I organize a meetup where we spend a few hours together and share stories and code about our challenges in solving the Advent of Code puzzles.
Here are a few pictures from our last meetup, in January 2020: AoC Meetup


Free Workshops @ UNI

I’m a regular guest at Computer Science Department of my Alma Mater, University of Craiova, where I give student lectures & workshops on “Using C++/STL for Competitive Programming and Software Development”.

Computer Engineering Department, University of Craiova (Romania)

Workshop: “Using C++/STL for Competitive Programming and Software Development”

STL Algorithms - Principles and Practice 📷 Pictures

Also, in June-July every year, in collaboration with my friends in academia, I organize and teach a workshop: Open4Tech Summer School for Software.

Computer Science Department, University of Craiova (Romania)

Workshop: Open4Tech 📷 Pictures

For a complete list of my workshops and presentations, see the archive.


Since 2016, I’ve managed the Scholarships program of my employer CAPHYON where we select students from our local UNI and support them financially to study and participate at international conferences, contests (eg. ACM, ONIS), workshops and award them for outstanding technical research projects.
More details about this program on our blog and on the CS Department bulletin board